Opens a local or remote file. Opening multiple files is possible.

ይህን ትእዛዝ ለ መፈጸም...

From the menu bar:

Choose File - Open.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose File - Open.

From the start center:

Open File.

From toolbars:

Icon Open

ፋይል መክፈቻ

From the keyboard:


File dialogs - such as Open, Save As and the like - are available in two different ways:

Use - LibreOffice - General to shift from one to the other.


If the file that you want to open contains styles, special rules apply.

Folder selection

Pick up your preferred folder from the pull-down list or type its path name. Autocomplete function can be used to ease typing.

Connect to a server using the File Services dialog.
Select a parent folder from the folder path with Icon Open.

Add a subfolder to the current folder with create new folder.

Places and Files

Add current folder to your favorite places using +. Remove a selected place from the list with -.

Displays the files and folders in the folder that you are in. Click column headers to sort files names, types, sizes or dates in ascending or descending order.


To open more than one document at the same time, each in an own window, hold while you click the files, and then click Open.

Modern system file dialogs present many features for file handling. Most allows you to rename, delete, create files, sort list of files, display files and folders in icons, tree or list views, traverse the file system folder tree and much more. Use the mouse right button to get a list of commands on the selected files in the display area.

የ ፋይል ስም

Enter a file name or a path for the file.

The following features are available in the dialog:

  1. LibreOffice has an AutoComplete function which activates itself in some text and list boxes. For example, enter into the URL field and the AutoComplete function displays the first file or first directory found that starts with the letter "a".

  2. Use the Down Arrow key to scroll through the other files and directories. Use the Right Arrow key to also display an existing subdirectory in the URL field. Quick AutoComplete is available if you press the End key after entering part of the URL. Once you find the document or directory you want, press Enter.

የ ፋይል አይነት

ይምረጡ የ ፋይል አይነት እርስው ምክፈት የሚፈልጉትን ወይንም ይምረጡ ሁሉንም ፋይሎች (*) ለማሳየት ሁሉንም የ ፋይሎች ዝርዝር በ ፎልደር ውስጥ


የ ተመረጠው ፋይል በርካታ እትሞች ካሉት: እርስዎ መክፈት የሚፈልጉትን እትም ይምረጡ እርስዎ ማስቀመጥ እና ማዘጋጀት ይችላሉ በርካታ እትሞች የ ሰነድ በ መምረጥ ፋይል - እትሞች የ ሰነዶች እትም ይከፈታል ለ ንባብ-ብቻ ዘዴ ውስጥ

ለ ንባብ-ብቻ

ፋይል መክፈቻ ለ ንባብ-ብቻ ዘዴ ውስጥ


መክፈቻ የ ተመረጠውን ሰነድ(ዶች)

ሰነዶች በ ቴምፕሌት መክፈቻ

When you open a document created from a template, LibreOffice checks to see if the template has been modified since the document was last opened. If the template was changed, a dialog is shown where you can select which styles to apply to the document.

LibreOffice recognizes templates located in any directory defined for Templates in - LibreOffice - Paths.

If a document was created using a template that cannot be found, a dialog is shown that asks you how to proceed next time the document is opened.

To break the link between the document and the missing template, click No, otherwise LibreOffice will look for the template the next time you open the document.


When you use File - Save As and select a template filter to save a template in a directory that is not specified in the Templates path, then the documents based on that template will not be checked.

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