Insert Layer

Inserts a new layer in the document. Layers are only available in Draw, not in Impress.

ይህን ትእዛዝ ለ መፈጸም...

ይምረጡ ደረጃ - ማስገቢያ (LibreOffice ለ መሳያ ብቻ)

የ ደረጃ አገባብ ዝርዝር መክፈቻ tabs - ይምረጡ ደረጃ ማስገቢያ (LibreOffice ለ መሳያ ብቻ)

የ ማስታወሻ ምልክት

To select a layer, click the corresponding tab at the bottom of the workspace.


Enter a name for the new layer.


Set the properties for the new layer.


Show or hide the layer.


When printing, print or ignore this particular layer.


Prevent elements on the layer from being edited.

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