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የ ማስታወሻ ምልክት

In the LibreOffice Calc functions, parameters marked as "optional" can be left out only when no parameter follows. For example, in a function with four parameters, where the last two parameters are marked as "optional", you can leave out parameter 4 or parameters 3 and 4, but you cannot leave out parameter 3 alone.

ኮዶች ከ127 የሚበልጡ እንደ እርስዎ የ እርአት ባህሪዎች ካርታ ይለያያል (ለምሳሌ iso-8859-1, iso-8859-2, Windows-1252, Windows-1250), እና ምናልባት ዝግጁ ላይሆን ይችላል

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