Querying User Data in Fields or Conditions

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You can access and compare some user data from conditions or fields. For example, you can compare user data with the following operators:

Operator Meaning
== or EQ equals
!= or NEQ is not equal to

If you want, you can use a condition to hide specific text in your document from a specific user.

  1. Select the text in the document that you want to hide.
  2. Choose Insert - Section.
  3. In the Hide area, select the Hide check box.
  4. In the With Condition box, type user_lastname == "Doe", where "Doe" is the last name of the user that you want to hide the text from.
  5. Click Insert and then save the document.
Note.png The name of the hidden section can still be seen in the Navigator.

The following table is a list of the user variables that you can access when defining a condition or a field:

User variables Meaning
user_firstname First name
user_lastname Last name
user_initials Initials
user_company Company
user_street Street
user_country Country
user_zipcode Zip Code
user_city City
user_title Title
user_position Position
user_tel_work Business telephone number
user_tel_home Home telephone number
user_fax Fax number
user_email E-mail address
user_state State

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