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Creates an envelope. On three tab pages, you can specify the addressee and sender, the position and format for both addresses, the size of the envelope, and the envelope orientation.

Choose Insert - Envelope


Enter the delivery and return addresses for the envelope. You can also insert address fields from a database, for example from the Addresses database.


Specifies the layout and the dimension of the envelope.


Set the print options for the envelope.

New doc.

Creates a new document and inserts the envelope.


Inserts the envelope before the current page in the document.


Resets modified values back to the LibreOffice default values.

To delete an envelope from a document

  1. Click into the envelope page to make it the current page.
  2. Right-click the field on the status line that shows "Envelope".
    A submenu opens showing some page styles.
  3. Choose the "Default" page style from the submenu.
    This removes the special "Envelope" page formatting.
  4. Delete the frames for sender and recipient. Click the border of each frame and press the Del key.