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Fields are used for data that changes in a document, such as the current date or the total number of pages in a document.

Viewing Fields

Fields consist of a field name and the field content. To switch the field display between the field name or the field content, choose View - Field Names.

To display or hide field highlighting in a document, choose View - Field Shadings'. To permanently disable this feature, choose Tools - Options' - LibreOffice - Application Colors, and clear the check box in front of Field shadings.

To change the color of field shadings, choose Tools - Options' - LibreOffice - Application Colors, locate the Field shadings' option, and then select a different color in the Color setting box.

Field Properties

Most field types in a document, including database fields, store and display variable values.

The following field types execute an action when you click the field:

Field Type Property
Placeholder Opens a dialog to insert the object for which the placeholder was set.
Insert Reference Moves the mouse pointer to the reference.
Run macro Runs a macro.
Input Field Opens a dialog to edit the contents of the field.
Note.png Placeholder, hidden text, insert reference, variable, database, and user-defined fields display a help tip when you rest the mouse pointer over the field in a document. To enable this feature, ensure that the Extended Tips option (What's This?) is selected in the Help menu.

Updating Fields

To update all of the fields in a document, press F9, or choose Edit - Select All, and then press F9.

To update a field that was inserted from a database, select the field, and then press F9.

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