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This tab page lets you define various settings for the image cache.

Choose Tools - Options' - LibreOffice - Memory'

Image cache

The image cache saves the images contained in a document in your computer's main memory. This means that the attributes of an image stored in the cache do not have to be re-calculated if you return to the page containing the image after scrolling through a document.

Use for LibreOffice (MB)

Specifies the total cache size for all images.

Memory per object (MB)

Specifies that objects which are larger than the selected megabytes will not be placed in the cache.

Remove from memory after (hh:mm)

Specifies the time that each image remains in the cache in hours and minutes.

Cache for inserted objects

Number of objects

Choose the maximum number of OLE objects that are pooled in the cache.

LibreOffice Quickstarter

Enable systray Quickstarter

Mark this check box if you want LibreOffice to enable quickstart. This option is available if the Quickstart module has been installed.

Number of undo steps

The number of steps which can be undone can be changed in the Expert configuration by setting the property /org.openoffice.Office.Common/Undo Steps.