Inserting Data From Text Documents

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You can insert text into other document types, such as spreadsheets and presentations. Note that there is a difference between whether the text is inserted into a text frame, a spreadsheet cell, or into the outline view of a presentation.

  • If you copy text to the clipboard, you can paste it with or without text attributes. Use the shortcut keys Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.
To select the format in which the clipboard contents will be pasted, click the arrow next to the Paste icon on the Standard bar, or choose Edit - Paste Special, then select the proper format.
  • If a text document contains headings formatted with the Heading Paragraph Style, choose File - Send - Outline to Presentation. A new presentation document is created, which contains the headings as an outline.
  • If you want to transfer each heading together with its accompanying paragraphs, select the File - Send - AutoAbstract to Presentation command. You must have formatted the headings with a corresponding Paragraph Style to be able to see this command.

Copying Text Using Drag-and-Drop

  • If you select text and drag it into a spreadsheet with drag-and-drop, it will be inserted as text into the cell where you release the mouse.
  • If you drag text to the normal view of a presentation, an OLE object is inserted as a LibreOffice plug-in.
  • If you drag the text to the outline view of a presentation, it will be inserted at the cursor location.

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