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Specifies general settings for text documents.

Open a text document, choose Tools - Options' - LibreOffice Writer - General'


Update links when loading


Always updates links while loading a document.

On request

Updates links only on request while loading a document.


Links are never updated while loading a document.


When in Writer: To update fields manually


The contents of all fields are updated automatically whenever the screen contents are displayed as new. Even with this box unchecked, some fields are updated each time a special condition takes place. The following table lists the fields that are updated without regard to this checkbox.

Condition Automatically updated fields
Printing the document (also exporting as PDF) Author, Sender, Chapter, Date, Time, References, Last printed
Reloading the document Author, Sender, Chapter, Date, Time
Saving the document File name, Statistics, Document number, Editing time, Modified
Editing the text line where the field is in Author, Sender, Chapter, Date, Time
Manually changing a variable Conditional text, Hidden text, Hidden paragraph, Variables, DDE field
Switching off "fixed content" Author, Sender, all document information fields
Changing the page count Page


Specifies whether to automatically update charts. Whenever a Writer table cell value changes and the cursor leaves that cell, the chart that displays the cell value is updated automatically.


Measurement unit

Specifies the unit of measurement for text documents.

Tab stops

Specifies the spacing between the individual tab stops. The horizontal ruler displays the selected spacing.

Enable char unit

When this setting is enabled, the measurement units of indents and spacing on Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing tab will be character (ch) and line.

Use square page mode for text grid

When this setting is enabled, the text grid will look like square page. Square page is a kind of page layout which is used to train students to write articles in China and Japan.

Word count

Additional separators

Specifies the characters that are considered as word separators when counting words, in addition to spaces, tabs and line and paragraph breaks.