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Specify the formatting and the font that you want to apply.

Choose Format - Character - Font tab

Choose View - Styles and Formatting - open context menu of an entry and choose Modify/New - Font tab

Open context menu of a row header in a database table - choose Table Format - Font tab

Choose Format - Title - Character tab (Chart documents)

Choose Format - Legend - Character tab (Chart documents)

Choose Format - Axis - Character tab (Chart documents)

When in Calc: Choose Format - Cell - Font tab (spreadsheets)

Menu Format - Page - Header/Footer - Edit button (spreadsheets)

The changes are applied to the current selection, to the entire word that contains the cursor, or to the new text that you type.

Depending on your language settings, you can change the formatting for the following font types:

  • Western text font - Latin character sets.
  • Asian text font - Chinese, Japanese, or Korean character sets
  • Complex text layout font - right-to-left text direction
Note.png To enable support for complex text layout and Asian character sets, choose Tools - Options' - Language Settings - Languages', and then select the Enabled box in the corresponding area.


Enter the name of an installed font that you want to use, or select a font from the list.

You can see the name of the fonts formatted in their respective font if you mark the Preview in fonts lists field in LibreOffice - View in the Options dialog box.

Icon on the Formatting Bar:

Font Name


Select the formatting that you want to apply.

Icon on the Formatting Bar:



Enter or select the ‍font size that you want to apply. For scalable fonts, you can also enter decimal values.

If you are creating a Style that is based on another Style, you can enter a percentage value or a point value (for example, -2pt or +5pt).

Icon on the Formatting Bar:

When in Calc: {{


Sets the language that the spellchecker uses for the selected text or the text that you type. Available language modules have a check mark in front of them.

If the language list consists of an editable combo box, you can enter a valid BCP 47 language tag if the language you want to assign is not available from the selectable list.

For language tag details please see the For users section on the web site.

When in Calc:

Note.png You can also change the locale setting for cells (choose Format - Cells – Numbers).

Warning.png The spellcheck for the selected language only functions when you have installed the corresponding language module.

Preview Field

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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