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The Export text files dialog allows you to define the export options for text files. The dialog will be displayed if you save spreadsheet data as file type "Text CSV", and if the Edit filter settings check box is marked in the Save As dialog.

Field options

Defines the field separator, text separator and character set that is used for the text export.

Character set

Specifies the character set for text export.

Field delimiter

Choose or enter the field delimiter, which separates data fields.

Text delimiter

Choose or enter the text delimiter, which encloses every data field.

Quote all text cells

Exports all text cells with leading and trailing quote characters as set in the Text delimiter box. If not checked, only those text cells get quoted that contain the Field delimiter character.

Save cell content as shown

Enabled by default, data will be saved as displayed, including applied number formats. If this checkbox is not marked, raw data content will be saved, as in older versions of the software.

Warning.png Depending on the number format, saving cell content as shown may write values that during an import cannot be interpreted as numerical values anymore.

Fixed column width

Exports all data fields with a fixed width.

  • The width of a data field in the exported text file is set to the current width of the corresponding column.
  • Values are exported in the format as currently seen in the cell.
  • If a value is longer than the fixed column width, it will be exported as a ### string.
  • If a text string is longer than the fixed column width, it will be truncated at the end.
  • The alignment Left, Centered, and Right will be simulated by inserted blanks.

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