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On the first page of the Chart Wizard you can choose a chart type.

Choose Insert - Chart

Column and Line

A Column and Line chart is a combination of a Column chart with a Line chart.

Select one of the variants

  • Columns and Lines. The rectangles of the column data series are drawn side by side so that you can easily compare their values.
  • Stacked Columns and Lines. The rectangles of the column data series are drawn stacked above each other, so that the height of a column visualizes the sum of the data values.

You can insert a second y-axis with Insert - Axes after you finish the wizard.

To specify a data range

The leftmost columns (or the top rows) of the selected data range provide the data that are shown as Columns objects. The other columns or rows of the data range provide the data for the Lines objects. You can change this assignment in the Data Series dialog.

  1. Select the data range.
  2. Click one of the options for data series in rows or in columns.
  3. Check whether the data range has labels in the first row or in the first column or both.

Organizing data series

In the Data Series list box you see a list of all data series in the current chart.

The column data series are positioned at the top of the list, the line data series at the bottom of the list.

  • To organize the data series, select an entry in the list.
  • Click Add to add another data series below the selected entry. The new data series has the same type as the selected entry.
  • Click Remove to remove the selected entry from the Data Series list.
  • Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to move the selected entry in the list up or down. This way you can convert a Column data series to a List data series and back. This does not change the order in the data source table, but changes only the arrangement in the chart.

Editing data series

  1. Click an entry in the list to view and edit the properties for that entry.
    In the Data Ranges list box you see the role names and cell ranges of the data series components.
  2. Click an entry, then edit the contents in the text box below.
    The label next to the text box states the currently selected role.
  3. Enter the range or click Select data range to minimize the dialog and select the range with the mouse.

The range for a data role, like Y-Values, must not include a label cell.

Editing categories or data labels

  • Enter or select a cell range that will be used as text for categories or data labels.

The values in the Categories range will be shown as labels on the x axis.

Inserting chart elements

Use the Chart Elements page of the Chart Wizard to insert any of the following elements:

  • Chart titles
  • Legend
  • Visible grid lines

For additional elements use the Insert menu of the chart in edit mode. There you can define the following elements:

  • Secondary axes
  • Minor grids
  • Data labels
  • Statistics, for example mean values, y error bars and trend lines

To set different data labels for each data series, use the properties dialog of the data series.

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