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This menu contains commands for controlling the on-screen display of the document.


Displays the normal view of the sheet.

Page Break Preview

Display the page breaks and print ranges in the sheet. Choose View - Normal to switch this mode off.

Formula Bar

Shows or hides the Formula Bar, which is used for entering and editing formulas. The Formula Bar is the most important tool when working with spreadsheets.

Status Bar

Shows or hides the Status Bar at the bottom edge of the window.

Input Method Status

Shows or hides the Input Method Engine (IME) status window.

Column & Row Headers

Shows column headers and row headers.

Value Highlighting

Displays cell contents in different colors, depending on type.

Data Sources

Lists the databases that are registered in LibreOffice and lets you manage the contents of the databases.


Activates and deactivates the Navigator. The Navigator is a dockable window.

Full Screen

Shows or hides the menus and toolbars in Writer or Calc. To exit the full screen mode, click the Full Screen On/Off button.


Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice.