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Switches the AutoInput function on and off, which automatically completes entries, based on other entries in the same column. The column is scanned up to a maximum of 2000 cells or 200 different strings.

Deactivating Automatic Changes

Choose Tools - Cell Contents - AutoInput

The completion text is highlighted.

  • To accept the completion, press Enter or a cursor key.
  • To append text or to edit the completion, press F2.
  • To view more completions, press Ctrl+Tab to scroll forward, or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to scroll backward.
  • To see a list of all available AutoInput text items for the current column, press Alt+Down Arrow.

When typing formulas using characters that match previous entries, a Help tip will appear listing the last ten functions used from Function Wizard, from all defined range names, from all database range names, and from the content of all label ranges.

AutoInput is case-sensitive. If, for example, you have written "Total" in a cell, you cannot enter "total" in another cell of the same column without first deactivating AutoInput.