MsgBox Function [Runtime]

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Displays a dialog box containing a message and returns a value.


MsgBox (Text As String [,Type As Integer [,Dialogtitle As String]])

Return value:



Text: String expression displayed as a message in the dialog box. Line breaks can be inserted with Chr$(13).

DialogTitle: String expression displayed in the title bar of the dialog. If omitted, the name of the respective application is displayed.

Type: Any integer expression that specifies the dialog type and defines the number and type of buttons or icons displayed. Type represents a combination of bit patterns (dialog elements defined by adding the respective values):


0 : Display OK button only.

1 : Display OK and Cancel buttons.

2 : Display Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons.

3 : Display Yes, No, and Cancel buttons.

4 : Display Yes and No buttons.

5 : Display Retry and Cancel buttons.

16 : Add the Stop icon to the dialog.

32 : Add the Question icon to the dialog.

48 : Add the Exclamation Point icon to the dialog.

64 : Add the Information icon to the dialog.

128 : First button in the dialog as default button.

256 : Second button in the dialog as default button.

512 : Third button in the dialog as default button.

Return value:

1 : OK

2 : Cancel

3 : Abort

4 : Retry

5 : Ignore

6 : Yes

7 : No

Error Codes

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleMsgBox
Dim sVar As Integer
    sVar = MsgBox("Las Vegas")
    sVar = MsgBox("Las Vegas",1)
    sVar = MsgBox( "Las Vegas",256 + 16 + 2,"Dialog title")
End Sub