GetAttr Function [Runtime]

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Returns a bit pattern that identifies the file type or the name of a volume or a directory.


GetAttr (Text As String)

Return value:



Text: Any string expression that contains an unambiguous file specification. You can also use URL notation.

This function determines the attributes for a specified file and returns the bit pattern that can help you to identify the following file attributes:

Error Codes

5 Invalid procedure call

53 File not found


0 : Normal files.

1 : Read-only files.

8 : Returns the name of the volume

16 : Returns the name of the directory only.

32 : File was changed since last backup (Archive bit).

If you want to know if a bit of the attribute byte is set, use the following query method:


Sub ExampleSetGetAttr
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ' Define target for error handler
    If Dir("C:\test",16)="" Then MkDir "C:\test"
        If Dir("C:\test\autoexec.sav")="" Then FileCopy "c:\autoexec.bat", "c:\test\autoexec.sav"
            SetAttr "c:\test\autoexec.sav" ,0
            FileCopy "c:\autoexec.bat", "c:\test\autoexec.sav"
            SetAttr "c:\test\autoexec.sav" ,1
            Print GetAttr( "c:\test\autoexec.sav" )
        Print Error
End Sub