The ScriptForge Library

To access this command...

Open Tools - Macros - LibreOffice Basic - Edit and select LibreOffice Macros container.

ScriptForge libraries build up an extensible collection of macro scripting resources for LibreOffice to be invoked from Basic macros or Python scripts.


• Basic macros require to load ScriptForge library using the following statement:

• Python scripts require an import from scriptforge module:
from scriptforge import CreateScriptService


To learn more about how to create and execute Python scripts using the ScriptForge library, read the help page Creating Python Scripts with ScriptForge.

Invoking ScriptForge services

The described modules and classes are invoked from user scripts as "Services". A generic constructor of those services has been designed for that purpose for each language:

    Set oSvc = CreateScriptService("servicename"[, arg0, arg1, ...])
    ' ...

    from scriptforge import CreateScriptService
    svc = CreateScriptService('servicename'[, arg0, arg1, ...])
    # ...

The Dispose method is available in all services and should be called to free up resources after usage.

Services provided by the ScriptForge library



LibreOffice Basic



Document Content



User Interface






ScriptForge.Array service

Provides a collection of methods for manipulating and transforming arrays of one dimension (vectors) and arrays of two dimensions (matrices). This includes set operations, sorting, importing to and exporting from text files.

Arrays with more than two dimensions cannot be used with the methods in this service, the only exception being the CountDims method that accepts Arrays with any number of dimensions.

SFDocuments.Base service

The Base service provides a number of methods and properties to facilitate the management and handling of LibreOffice Base documents.

This service is closely related to the Document service, which provides generic methods for handling LibreOffice documents, including Base documents. Hence, the Base service extends the Document service and provides additional methods that are specific for Base documents, enabling users to:

ScriptForge.Basic service

The ScriptForge.Basic service proposes a collection of LibreOffice Basic methods to be executed in a Python context. Basic service methods reproduce the exact syntax and behaviour of Basic builtin functions.

SFDocuments.Calc service

The SFDocuments shared library provides a number of methods and properties to facilitate the management and handling of LibreOffice documents.

The SFDocuments.Calc service is a subclass of the SFDocuments.Document service. All methods and properties defined for the Document service can also be accessed using a Calc service instance.

The Calc service is focused on:

ScriptForge.Chart service

The Chart service provides a set of properties and methods to handle charts in Calc documents. With this service it is possible to:

SFDatabases.Database service

The Database service provides access to databases either embedded or described in Base documents. This service provides methods to:

SFDialogs.Dialog service

The Dialog service contributes to the management of dialogs created with the Basic Dialog Editor. Each instance of the current class represents a single dialog box displayed to the user.

SFDialogs.DialogControl service

The DialogControl service manages the controls belonging to a dialog defined with the Basic Dialog Editor. Each instance of the current service represents a single control within a dialog box.

The focus is set on getting and setting the values displayed by the controls of the dialog box. Formatting is accessible via the XControlModel and XControlView properties.

Note that the unique DialogControl.Value property content varies according to the control type.

A special attention is given to controls of type tree control. It is easy to populate a tree, either branch by branch, or with a set of branches at once. Populating a tree control can be performed statically or dynamically.

ScriptForge.Dictionary service

A dictionary is a collection of key-item pairs

SFDocuments.Document service

The SFDocuments library provides methods and properties to facilitate the management and manipulation of LibreOffice documents.

Methods that are applicable for all types of documents (Text Documents, Sheets, Presentations, etc) are provided by the SFDocuments.Document service. Some examples are:

ScriptForge.Exception service

The Exception service is a collection of methods to assist in code debugging in Basic and Python scripts and in error handling in Basic scripts.

In Basic scripts, when a run-time error occurs, the methods and properties of the Exception service help identify the error context and allow to handle it.

ScriptForge.FileSystem service

The FileSystem service includes routines to handle files and folders. Next are some examples of the features provided by this service:

SFDocuments.Form service

The Form service provides methods and properties to manage forms in LibreOffice documents. This service supports forms in Base, Calc and Writer documents and allows to:

SFDocuments.FormControl service

The FormControl service provides access to the controls that belong to a form, a subform or a table control of a FormDocument. Each instance of the FormControl service refers to a single control in the form. This service allows users to:

ScriptForge.L10N service

This service provides a number of methods related to the translation of strings with minimal impact on the program's source code. The methods provided by the L10N service can be used mainly to:

ScriptForge.Platform service

The Platform service provides a collection of properties about the current execution environment and context, such as:

ScriptForge.PopupMenu service

The PopupMenu service can be used to create popup menus that can be associated with events or executed by scripts. This service provides the following capabilities:

ScriptForge.Services service

The main purpose of the Services module is to provide access to the CreateScriptService method, which can be called in user scripts to instantiate services that are implemented using the ScriptForge framework.

ScriptForge.Session service

The Session service gathers various general-purpose methods about:

ScriptForge.String service

The String service provides a collection of methods for string processing. These methods can be used to:

ScriptForge.TextStream service

The TextStream service is used to sequentially read from and write to files opened or created using the ScriptForge.FileSystem service.

The methods OpenTextFile and CreateTextFile from the FileSystem service return an instance of the TextStream service.

ScriptForge.Timer service

The Timer service measures the amount of time it takes to run user scripts.

A Timer measures durations. It can be:

ScriptForge.UI service

The UI (User Interface) service simplifies the identification and the manipulation of the different windows composing the whole LibreOffice application:

Note: Other ScriptForge undescribed modules are reserved for internal use. Their content is subject to change without notice.


All ScriptForge Basic routines or identifiers that are prefixed with an underscore character "_" are reserved for internal use. They are not meant be used in Basic macros or Python scripts.

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