Selecting the Document Language

The language you select for your document determines the dictionary used for spell check, thesaurus and hyphenation, the decimal and thousands delimiter used and the default currency format.

Selecting a language for the whole document

  1. Choose . Go to Language Settings - Languages.

  2. Under Default languages for documents, select the document language for all newly created documents. If you mark For the current document only, your choice will only apply to the current document. Close the dialogue box with OK.

Selecting a language for a Paragraph Style

  1. Place the cursor in the paragraph whose paragraph style you want to edit.

  2. Open the context menu and select Edit Paragraph Style. This opens the Paragraph Style dialogue box.

  3. Select the Font tab.

  4. Select the Language and click OK.

    All paragraphs formatted with the current paragraph style will have the selected language.

Applying a language directly to selected text

  1. Select the text to which you want to apply a language.

  2. Choose Format - Character. This opens the Character dialogue box.

  3. Select the Font tab.

  4. Select the Language and click OK.

In LibreOffice Calc, choose Format - Cells and proceed accordingly.

Selecting a language for a Character Style

  1. Open the Styles window and click on the Character Styles icon.

  2. Click on the name of the character style to which you want to apply a different language.

  3. Then open the context menu in the Styles window and select Modify. This opens the Character Style dialogue box.

  4. Select the Font tab.

  5. Select the Language and click OK.

    Now you can apply the character style to your selected text.

Adding More Text Languages

  1. Dictionaries are supplied and installed as extensions. Choose Tools - Language - More Dictionaries Online to open the dictionaries page in your default web browser.

  2. Select a dictionary in the list of descriptions. Click the heading in a dictionary description that you want to get.

  3. In the next page, click the Get It icon to download the dictionary extension. Note the folder name to which your browser downloads the file. Download additional dictionaries as you like.

  4. In LibreOffice, choose Tools - Extension Manager and click Add to install the downloaded extensions.

  5. After you installed the extensions, you should close LibreOffice (including the Quickstarter), and restart.

Setting UI Language

A standard installation of LibreOffice software will give you a user interface (UI) of your chosen language.

Most users download the American English version, which gives you US English menu commands and application help. If you want another language for the menus (and for the application help, if available in that language), change the UI language as follows.

  1. Choose - Language Settings - Languages.

  2. Select another UI language in the "User interface" list box.

  3. Click OK and restart LibreOffice.

  4. If the list box doesn't list the language that you want, see "Adding More UI Languages".

Adding More UI Languages

- Language Settings - Languages

Format - Character - Font

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