Отворање документи

Отворање на постоечки документ

Do one of the following:

Изберете ја датотеката што сакате да ја отворите и кликнете Отвори.

Restrict Files to Display

To restrict the display of files in the Open dialog to a certain type select the corresponding File type from the list. Select All Files to display all files.

Cursor Position

In general, all documents open with the cursor at the start of the document.

One exception appears when the author of a Writer text document saves and reopens a document: The cursor will be at the same position where it has been when the document was saved. This only works when the name of the author was entered in - LibreOffice - User Data.

Press Shift+F5 to set the cursor to the last saved position.

Отворање празен документ

Click the New icon Icon on the Standard bar or choose File - New. This opens a document of the document type specified.

If you click the arrow next to the New icon, a submenu opens in which you can select another document type.

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