Defines the default settings for displaying objects in your text documents and also the default settings for the window elements.

Lai piekļūtu Ŕai komandai...

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer/LibreOffice Writer/Web - View.


Specifies settings that refer to the representation of boundaries.

Palīglīnijas pārvietojot

Displays snap lines around the frames when frames are moved. You can select the Helplines While Moving option to show the exact position of the object using lineal values.


Specifies whether scrollbars and rulers are displayed.

Horizontālā mērjosla

Displays the horizontal ruler. Select the desired measurement unit from the corresponding list.

Vertikālā mērjosla

Displays the vertical ruler. Select the desired measurement unit from the corresponding list.

Līdzināts pa labi

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Language Settings - Languages.

Aligns the vertical ruler with the right border.

Smooth scroll

Activates the smooth page scrolling function. The scrolling speed depends of the area and of the color depth display.


Defines which document elements are displayed.

Images and objects

Specifies whether to display images and objects on the screen. If these elements are hidden, you will see empty frames as placeholders.

You can also control the display of graphics through the Images and Charts icon. If a text document is open, this icon is displayed on the Tools bar.

Piezīmes ikona

If the Images and objects option is not selected, no graphics will be loaded from the Internet. Graphics within a table and without an indication of their size can cause display problems when using an older HTML standard on the browsed page.


Displays the tables contained in your document.

To display the table boundaries, right-click any table and choose Table Boundaries, or choose Table - Table Boundaries in a Writer document.

Drawings and controls

Displays the drawings and controls contained in your document.

Lauku kodi

Displays the field names in the document instead of the contents of the fields. You can also choose View - Field Names in a text document.


Displays comments. Click a comment to edit the text. Use the context menu in Navigator to locate or delete a comment. Use the comments's context menu to delete this comment or all comments or all comments of this author.

Settings (for HTML document only)

Measurement unit (for HTML document only)

Specifies the Unit for HTML documents.

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