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Opens the Expert Configuration dialog for advanced settings and configuration of LibreOffice. The Expert Configuration dialog allows user to access hundreds of LibreOffice configuration preferences, and most of them are not available in the user interface or in the options dialogs.

Hoiatav ikoon

The Expert Configuration dialog lets you access, edit and save configuration preferences that can harm your LibreOffice user profile. It can turn the user profile of LibreOffice unstable, inconsistent or even unusable. Proceed only if you know what you are doing.

Nõuande ikoon

The expert configuration does not modify the LibreOffice system installation in your computer.

Tekstiotsingu väli

Type the preference you want to display in the text area. Then click in the Search button.


Click to search your preference text in the Preferences tree.


List the preferences organized hierarchically in a tree layout. To open the branches, double click in the (+) sign. Once the preference is visible in the tree, you can edit it.

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