Error Report Tool

The Error Report Tool starts automatically when a program crash occurs.

The Error Report Tool gathers all necessary information that can help the program developers to improve the code, so that in later versions this error can possibly be avoided. Please help us to improve the software and send the generated error report.

Starting the Error Report Tool

With most program crashes the Error Report Tool will start automatically.

Completing the Report

On the main Error Report Tool dialog, you can enter some additional information that may help the developers to localize the error. For example, if the error only appears after a change in your hardware or software environment, or if you clicked on a button, please include that information.

Sending the Error Report

The Error Report Tool uses the HTTP PUT / SOAP protocol to send the report data. You may optionally enter some descriptive text that will help us to identify the context of the program crash. Then click the Send button.

Warning Icon

You will not get an answer to your error report. If you need support, please visit the support forum on the Internet.

You may choose to respond to questions that the developers may have about the reported error. Mark the check box if you want to be contacted by e-mail, should additional information be required. By default this box is not marked, so you will not get any e-mail.

What Data is Sent?

The error report consists of several files. The main file contains information about the error type, operating system name and version, memory usage, and the description that you entered. You can click the Show Report button on the main dialog of the Error Report Tool to view what will get sent in the main file.

In addition, relevant memory contents and stack traces are gathered by some system standard tools ("dbhhelp.dll" on Windows systems, "pstack" on UNIX systems). This information will be sent also.

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