Use the Styles deck of the Sidebar to apply, create, edit, and remove formatting styles. Double-click an entry to apply the style.

To access this command...

Choose View - Styles.

On Formatting bar, click



To dock the Styles window, drag its title bar to the left or to the right side of the workspace. To undock the window, double-click a free space on its toolbar.

By default, the Styles deck displays a preview of the available styles. The previews can be disabled by unchecking the Show Previews box below the list of styles.

How to apply a style:

  1. Select the text. To apply a Character Style to one word, click the word. To apply a Paragraph Style, click the paragraph.

  2. Double-click the style in the Styles window.

Tip Icon

You can assign shortcut keys to Styles on the Tools - Customize - Keyboard tab page.

The Styles toolbar contains icons for formatting your documents:

Style Category


Paragraph Styles

Displays formatting styles for paragraphs. Use paragraph styles to apply the same formatting, such as font, numbering, and layout to the paragraphs in your document.


Character Styles

Displays formatting styles for characters. Use character styles to apply font styles to selected text in a paragraph.


Frame Styles

Displays formatting styles for frames. Use frame styles to format frame layouts and position.


Page Styles

Displays formatting styles for pages. Use page styles to determine page layouts, including the presence of headers and footers.


List Styles

Displays formatting styles for numbered and bulleted lists. Use list styles to format number and bullet characters and to specify indents.


Fill Format Mode

Applies the selected style to the object or text that you select in the document. Click this icon, and then drag a selection in the document to apply the style. To exit this mode, click the icon again, or press Esc.


New Style from Selection

Opens a submenu with more commands.

New style from selection

Creates a new style based on the formatting of the current paragraph, page, or selection.

Update style

The manually formatted attributes of the text at the cursor position in the document will be added to the style that is selected in the Styles window.

Load style

Opens the Load Styles dialog to import styles from another document.

Tip Icon

More information about styles.

Applied Styles

Assigns a style to the current paragraph, selected paragraphs, or to a selected object.

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