LibreOffice Basic 說明

LibreOffice provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows controlling the LibreOffice components with different programming languages by using the LibreOffice Software Development Kit (SDK). For more information about the LibreOffice API and the Software Development Kit, visit

This help section explains the most common functions of LibreOffice Basic. For more in-depth information please refer to the BASIC Programming Guide on the Wiki.

使用 LibreOffice Basic

使用 LibreOffice Basic 進行程式設計


Recording a Macro

建立 Basic 對話方塊





Working with VBA Macros

Working with VBA Macros

Exclusive VBA functions

LibreOffice internal Basic macro libraries

LibreOffice installs a set of Basic macro libraries that can be accessed from your Basic macros.

The Tools Library

The Depot Library

The Euro Library

The FormWizard Library

The Gimmicks Library

The Schedule Library

The ScriptBindingLibrary Library

The Template Library



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Tips and Extended Tips

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