HTML 兼容性

Defines settings for HTML pages.


Choose - Load/Save - HTML Compatibility.


Use the spin buttons Size 1 to Size 7 to define the respective font sizes for the HTML <font size=1> to <font size=7> tags.


定义用于导入 HTML 文档的设置。


从 HTML 页面导入数字时,小数分隔符和千位分隔符字符会根据 HTML 页面的语言环境而有所不同。但是,剪贴板不会包含有关语言环境的任何信息。例如,从德语网页中复制的字符 "1.000" 很可能表示“一千”,因为句点在德语语言环境中为千位分隔符。如果从英语网页复制,则该字符表示数字 1,形式为“一点零零零”。

如果未选中,请根据“选项”对话框的语言设置 - 语言 - 语言环境设置中的设置来解释数字。如果选中,则以“英语(美国)”语言环境来解释数字。

将未知的 HTML 标记当作字段导入

Mark this check box if you want tags that are not recognized by LibreOffice to be imported as fields. For an opening tag, an HTML_ON field will be created with the value of the tag name. For a closing tag, an HTML_OFF will be created. These fields will be converted to tags in the HTML export.


Mark this check box to ignore all font settings when importing. The fonts that were defined in the HTML Page Style will be the fonts that will be used.

LibreOffice Basic

Mark this check box to include the LibreOffice Basic instructions when exporting to HTML format.

在创建一个 LibreOffice Basic 脚本之前,您必须先激活这个选项,否则脚本不会被插入到 HTML 文档内。LibreOffice Basic 脚本必须写在 HTML 文档的标题行内。在 LibreOffice Basic IDE 内创建完一个宏后,即显示在 HTML 文档的源文本的标题行内。


If this field is marked, when exporting to HTML a warning is shown that LibreOffice Basic macros will be lost.


If you mark this field, the print layout of the current document (for example, table of contents with justified page numbers and dot leaders) is exported as well. It can be read by LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox, and MS Internet Explorer.


HTML 过滤器已经能够支持目前尚在开发中的用来打印文档的 CSS2(Cascading Style Sheets Level 2) 功能。只有当您标记了复选框印刷版式后,您才能够使用这个功能。

Copy local images to Internet

Mark this check box to automatically upload the embedded pictures to the Internet server when uploading using FTP. Use the Save As dialog to save the document and enter a complete FTP URL as the file name in the Internet.


Select the appropriate character set for the export.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.