SYD Function [VBA]

Returns the arithmetic-declining depreciation rate.


该功能或常量可通过以下语句启用:Option VBASupport 1,该语句需要放置在模块的每个可执行程序代码的前面。


SYD (Cost as Double, Salvage as Double, Life as Double, Period as Double)




Cost is the initial cost of an asset.

Salvage is the value of an asset at the end of the depreciation.

Life is the depreciation period determining the number of periods in the depreciation of the asset.

Period is the period number for which you want to calculate the depreciation.


5 无效的过程调用


REM ***** BASIC *****

Option VBASupport 1

Sub ExampleSYD

REM Calculate the yearly depreciation of an asset that cost $10,000 at

REM the start of year 1, and has a salvage value of $1,000 after 5 years.

Dim syd_yr1 As Double

REM Calculate the depreciation during year 1.

syd_yr1 = SYD( 10000, 1000, 5, 1 )

print syd_yr1 ' syd_yr1 is now equal to 3000.

End Sub