Editing Hyperlinks

When you -click a hyperlink in a Writer document, your web browser opens with the requested web address. If you don't use a mouse, position the cursor inside the hyperlink and open the context menu by Shift+F10, then choose Open Hyperlink.

Change the text of a hyperlink as follows

If you leave the hyperlink by positioning the cursor somewhere else, only the visible text will be changed.

If you leave the hyperlink by entering a space character directly following the last character, the AutoCorrect - if enabled - will change the target URL to be the same as the visible text.

Change the URL of a hyperlink as follows

Change the attribute of all hyperlinks

  1. Open the Styles window.

  2. Click the Character Styles icon.

  3. Right-click the "Internet Link" or "Visited Internet Link" character style, and choose Modify.

  4. In the dialog, select the new attributes, and click OK.

Edit a hyperlink button

If the hyperlink is a button, click on the border to select it, or press the key while clicking. Open the Properties dialog through the context menu. You can edit the label text under "Caption," and modify the address in the "URL" field.

Relative and Absolute Links