Pasting Contents in Special Formats

Contents that are stored on the clipboard can be pasted into your document using different formats. In LibreOffice you can choose how to paste the contents using a dialog or a drop-down icon.

The available options depend on the contents of the clipboard.


Pasting clipboard contents using an icon menu

  1. Click the arrow next to the Paste icon on the Standard Bar to open the menu.

  2. Select one of the options.

Якщо результат вставляння не подобається, то клацніть піктограму Скасувати і повторіть вставляння з іншим параметром.

Pasting clipboard contents using a dialog

  1. Choose Edit - Paste special.

  2. Select one of the options and click OK.

If you are in a spreadsheet and the contents of the clipboard are spreadsheet cells, then a different Paste Special dialog appears. Use the Paste Special dialog to copy cells using basic or advanced options.