Space Function

Returns a string that consists of a specified amount of spaces.


Space (n As Long)

Return value:

ھەرپ-بەلگە تىزىقى


n: Numeric expression that defines the number of spaces in the string. The maximum allowed value of n is 65535.

Error codes:

D'oh! You found a bug (text/sbasic/shared/00000003.xhp#err5 not found).


Sub ExampleSpace

Dim sText As String,sOut As String

Dim iLen As Integer

    iLen = 10

    sText = "Las Vegas"

    sOut = sText & Space(iLen) & sText & Chr(13) &_

    sText & Space(iLen*2) & sText & Chr(13) &_

    sText & Space(iLen*4) & sText & Chr(13)

    MsgBox sOut,0,"Info:"

End Sub