Contains commands for activate form design mode, open control wizards and insert form controls in your text document.

Design Mode

Enable or disable form design mode.

Control Wizards

Enable or disable control wizards.

Майдони номгузорӣ


Adds a field for displaying text labels. These labels are only for displaying predefined text, and not for entering text.

Майдони матн


Adds an input box where you can enter and edit text.



Adds a check box that you can use to turn a function on or off.



Adds a button that allows a user to select from a number of options. Grouped option buttons must have consecutive tab indices. They are commonly encircled by a group box. If you have two groups of option buttons, you must insert a tab index between the tab indices of the two groups on the group frame.

Майдони рӯйхатдор


Adds a combo box. A combo box is a one line list box that a user can click, and then choose an entry from the list. If you want, you can make the entries in the combo box "read only".



Adds a command button. You can use a command button to execute a command for a defined event, such as a mouse click.

If you want, you can add text or a graphic to the button.

Тугмачаи графикӣ


Creates a button displayed as an image. Aside from the graphic representation, an image button has the same properties as a "normal" button.

Майдони форматнок


Adds a text box where you can define the formatting for text that is inputted or outputted as well as any limiting values.

More fields

Date, time, numerical, currency and pattern form fields.



Adds a frame that you can use to visually group similar controls, such as option buttons.

Мурватҳои идоракунии тасвир


Creates an image control. It can only be used to add images from a database. In the form document, double-click one of these controls to open the Insert Graphic dialog to insert the image. There is also a context menu (not in design mode) with commands for inserting and deleting the image.

Images from a database can be displayed in a form, and new images can be inserted in the database as long as the image control is not write-protected. The control must refer to a database field of the image type. Therefore, enter the data field into the properties window on the Data tab page.

Интихоби дафтар


Adds a button that opens a file selection dialog.

Идоракунии ҷадвал


Creates a table control to display a database table. If you create a new table control, the Table Element Wizard appears.

Лавҳаи навигатсия


Creates a navigation bar.

Аз элементҳои идоракунӣ

Opens a dialog for editing the properties of a selected control.

Аз элементҳои идоракунӣ

In this dialog you can specify, among others, the data source and the events for the whole form.

Аз элементҳои идоракунӣ

Opens the Form Navigator. The Form Navigator displays all forms and subforms of the current document with their respective controls.

Тартиби иҷроиш

When a form is selected, it opens the Tab Order dialog, where the indices for focusing the control elements on the Tab key are defined.

Open in Design Mode

Opens forms in Design Mode so that the form can be edited.

Automatic Control Focus

Enable or disable Automatic Control Focus