Рақамгузории сатрҳо

Adds or removes and formats line numbers in the current document. To exclude a paragraph from line numbering, click in the paragraph, choose Format - Paragraph, click the Numbering tab, and then clear the Include this paragraph in line numbering check box. You can also exclude a paragraph style from line numbering.

Тасвири эзоҳ

Line numbers are not available in HTML format.

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

Choose Tools - Line Numbering (not for HTML format)

Show numbering

Adds line numbers to the current document.


Set the properties of the line numbering.

Услуби рамз

Select the formatting style that you want to use for the line numbers.


Select the numbering style that you want to use.


Select where you want the line numbers to appear.


Enter the amount of space that you want to leave between the line numbers and the text.


Enter the counting interval for the line numbers.


You can enter a separator character to display between line numbers if the counting interval is more than one.


Enter the text that you want to use as a separator.

Ҳар як

Enter the number of lines to leave between the separators.

Тасвири эзоҳ

Separators are only displayed in lines that are not numbered.


Specify whether to include empty paragraphs or lines in text frames in the line count.

Сатри холӣ

Includes empty paragraphs in the line count.

Сатрҳо дар фрейми матн

Adds line numbers to text in text frames. The numbering restarts in each text frame, and is excluded from the line count in the main text area of the document. In linked frames, the numbering is not restarted.

Restart every new page

Restarts line numbering at the top of each page in the document.

Adding Line Numbers