Сабт кардан ҳамчун

Assigns macros to program events. The assigned macro runs automatically every time the selected event occurs.

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

Choose Tools - Customize - Events tab.

Save In

Select first where to save the event binding, in the current document or in LibreOffice.

Тасвири эзоҳ

A macro that is saved with a document can only be run when that document is opened.

The big list box lists the events and the assigned macros. After you selected the location in the Save In list box, select an event in the big list box. Then click Assign Macro.

Насб кардани макрос

Opens the Macro Selector to assign a macro to the selected event.

Сабти макрос

Deletes the macro assignment for the selected event.