Definiera namn

Opens a dialog where you can specify a name for a selected area or a name for a formula expression.

Definiera omrÄden med musen eller skriv referensen i inmatningsfÀlten Definiera namn.

SÄ hÀr anvÀnder du det hÀr kommandot...

Choose Sheet - Named Ranges and Expressions - Define.


The Sheet Area box on the Formula bar contains a list of defined names for the ranges or formula expressions and their scope between parenthesis. Click a name from this box to highlight the corresponding reference on the spreadsheet. Names given formulas or parts of a formula are not listed here.


Enter the name of the area for which you want to define a reference or a formula expression. All area names already defined in the spreadsheet are listed in the text field above. If you click a name on the list, the corresponding reference in the document will be shown with a blue frame. If multiple cell ranges belong to the same area name, they are displayed with different colored frames.

Range or formula expression

The reference of the selected area name is shown here as an absolute value.

To insert a new area reference, place the cursor in this field and use your mouse to select the desired area in any sheet of your spreadsheet document. To insert a new named formula, type the formula expression.


Du kan förminska dialogrutan till inmatningsfÀltets storlek genom att klicka pÄ ikonen Förminska. Det blir dÄ enklare att markera den önskade referensen i tabellen. Ikonen Àndras automatiskt till Förstora. NÀr du klickar pÄ den ÄterstÀlls dialogrutan till sin ursprungliga storlek.

Dialogrutan förminskas automatiskt om du klickar med musknappen i tabellen och skapar ett omrÄde. SÄ snart du slÀpper upp musknappen ÄtergÄr dialogrutan till full storlek och den omrÄdesreferens som definierats med musen markeras med en blÄ ram i dokumentet.






Select the scope of the named range or named formula. Document (Global) means the name is valid for the whole document. Any other sheet name selected will restrict the scope of the named range or formula expression to that sheet.

Range options

Allows you to specify the Area type (optional) for the reference.

HÀr kan du ange omrÄdestyp för den valda omrÄdesdefinitionen.


Defines the area as a print range.


Defines the selected area to be used in an advanced filter.


Defines the area as a repeating column.


Defines the area as a repeating row.


Click the Add button to add a new defined name.

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Raderar markerat/markerade element efter bekrÀftelse.