Defines general settings for spreadsheet documents.

To access this command...

Open a spreadsheet document, choose - LibreOffice Calc - General.


Njësi matëse

Defines the unit of measure in spreadsheets.

Ndalimet e tabit

Defines the tab stops distance.


Azhuro linkat gjatë ngarkimit

Warning Icon

Settings for automatic links updates stored in documents are ignored for security reasons. Link updates are always bounded by LibreOffice Security settings in - LibreOffice – Security.


Always updates links while loading a document, and only if the document is in a trusted file location or the global security level is Low (Not recommended).

Warning Icon

This setting is treated as On request unless either the global macro security level is set to Low in - LibreOffice - Security - Macro Security... - Security Level - Low (not recommended) or the document is located in a trusted place defined by - LibreOffice - Security - Macro Security... - Trusted Sources - Trusted File Locations.

Me kërkesë

Updates links only on request while loading a document.


Links are never updated while loading a document.

Rregullimet e hyrjes

Shtyp Enter për të ~lëvizur të selektuarën

Determines the direction that the cursor in the spreadsheet will move after you press the Enter key.

Shtyp Enter që të dalësh në ~edit mode

Allows you to immediately edit the selected cell after pressing the Enter key.

Zgjero ~formatizimin

Specifies whether to automatically apply the formatting attributes of the selected cell to the empty adjacent cells. If, for example, the contents of the selected cell have the bold attribute, this bold attribute will also apply to adjacent cells. Cells that already have a special format will not be modified by this function. You can see the range in question by pressing the + * (multiplication sign on the number pad) shortcut. This format also applies to all new values inserted within this range. The normal default settings apply to cells outside this range.

Zgjero ~ referencat kur futen shtyllat/rreshtat e ri

Specifies whether to expand references when inserting columns or rows adjacent to the reference range. This is only possible if the reference range, where the column or row is inserted, originally spanned at least two cells in the desired direction.

Example: If the range A1:B1 is referenced in a formula and you insert a new column after column B, the reference is expanded to A1:C1. If the range A1:B1 is referenced and a new row is inserted under row 1, the reference is not expanded, since there is only a single cell in the vertical direction.

If you insert rows or columns in the middle of a reference area, the reference is always expanded.

Vë në dukje të selektuarën në krerët e shtyllës/rreshtit

Specifies whether to highlight column and row headers in the selected columns or rows.

Shfrytëzo metrikën e printerit për formatim të tekstit

Specifies that printer metrics are applied for printing and also for formatting the display on the screen. If this box is not checked, a printer independent layout will be used for screen display and printing.

Trego ~ paralajmërimin mbishkruaj kur ngjet të dhëna

Specifies that, when you paste cells from the clipboard to a cell range that is not empty, a warning appears.