Query Design Bar

When creating or editing an SQL query, use the icons in the Query Design Bar to control the display of data.

Depending on whether you have created the query or view in the Design or SQL tab page, the following icons appear:

Run Query

Runs the SQL query and displays the query result. The Run Query function does not save the query.


Ekzekuto pyetësorin

Clear query

Clears the query and removes all tables from the design window.


Pastro pyetësorin

Switch Design View On / Off

Displays the design view or the SQL view of the query.


Ndrysho Pamjen e Dizajnit On/Off

Add Tables

Specifies the tables to be inserted into the design window. In the Add Tables dialog, select the tables you need for your current task.


Indeksi i tabelave


Displays the "Function" row in the lower part of the design view of the Query Design window.



Table Name

Displays the "Table" row in the lower part of the Query Design.


Emri i tabelës


Displays the "Alias" row in the lower part of the Query Design.



Distinct Values

Expands the created select statement of the SQL Query in the current column by the parameter DISTINCT. The consequence is that identical values occurring multiple times are listed only once.


Vlerat e dalluara

The following icon is on the SQL tab page:

Run SQL command directly

In Native SQL mode you can enter SQL commands that are not interpreted by LibreOffice, but are instead passed directly to the data source. If you do not display these changes in the design view, you cannot change back to the design view.


Ekzekuto SQL komandën drejtpërdrejt