Table Design

In the Table Design window you define new tables or edit the structure of a table.

To access this command...

In a database file window, click the Tables icon. Choose Insert - Table Design or Edit - Edit

Database Overview

Table Design

The window has its own menu bar. It also contains the following new command: Index Design

Zona e numrit të sllajdit

This area is where you define the table structure.

Emri i fushës

Specifies the name of the data field. Note the database restrictions, such as the length of the name, special characters and spaces.

Lloji i publikimit

Specifies the field type.


Specifies an optional description.

The row headers contain the following context menu commands:


Cuts the selected row to the clipboard.


Copies the selected row to the clipboard.


Përvijo në Clipboard


Deletes the selected row.

Futi Rreshtat

Inserts an empty row above the current row, if the table has not been saved. Inserts an empty row at the end of the table if the table has been saved.

Lloj kyç

If this command has a check mark, the data field in this line is a primary key. By clicking the command you activate/deactivate the status. The command is only visible if the data source supports primary keys.

Vetitë e kornizës

Defines the field properties of the currently selected field.


Të dhëna të Adresës - Fusha e Caktuar

Vendet decimale

Specifies the number of decimal places for a numerical field or decimal field.

Mosparaqitje vlerash

Specifies the value that is the default in new data records.

Format tjetër

Displays the format code that you can select with the ... button.


This button opens the Field Format dialog.

Zona e fundfaqes

Displays help texts.