Kthen vitin e një vlere të datës si një numër të plotë.

IMTAN function

Returns the tangent of a complex number. The tangent of a complex number can be expressed by:


The result is presented in the string format and has the character "i" or "j" as an imaginary unit.

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This function is part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) standard Version 1.2. (ISO/IEC 26300:2-2015)


Pjesa imagjinare

Complex_number is a complex number whose tangent is to be calculated.

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A complex number is a string expression resulting in the form "a+bi" or "a+bj", where a and b are numbers.
If the complex number is actually a real number (b=0), then it can be either a string expression or a number value.

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The function always returns a string representing a complex number.
If the result is a complex number with one of its parts (a or b) equal to zero, that part is not displayed.


returns 0.00490825806749606-1.00070953606723i.

returns -2.18503986326152 as a string. The imaginary part is equal to zero, so it is not displayed in the result.

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