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Open context menu of a selected form element - choose Form - General tab

Open Form Controls toolbar or Form Design toolbar, click Form icon - General tab

A form is a text document or spreadsheet with different form controls. If you create a form for a Web page, the user can enter data into it to send over the Internet. The data from the form controls of a form is transmitted to a server by specifying a URL and can be processed on the server.


Specifies a name for the form. This name is used to identify the form in the Form Navigator.


Specifies the URL to which the data of the completed form is to be transmitted.


Defines the target frame in which the loaded URL is to appear.

Ak kliknete na pole, je možné výberom zo zoznamu určiť, do ktorého rámca sa má ďalší dokument načítať. Máte na výber nasledujúce možnosti:




Dokument sa vytvorí v novom prázdnom rámci.


Dokument sa vytvorí v nadradenom rámci. Ak neexistuje nadradený rámec, vytvorí sa dokument v rovnakom rámci.


Dokument sa vytvorí v rovnakom rámci.


Dokument sa vytvorí v hlavnom okne, t.j. v najvyššom rámci v hierarchii; ak je aktuálny rámec hlavným oknom, vytvorí sa dokument v aktuálnom rámci.

Typ preposlania

Upresní metódu prenosu informácií z vyplneného formulára.

Using the "Get" method, the data of every control is transmitted as an environment variable. They are appended to the URL in the form "?Control1=Content1&Control2=Content2&..."; the character string is analyzed by a program on the recipient's server.

Using the "Post" method, a document is created from the content of the form that is sent to the specified URL.

Kódovanie pre odoslanie

Specifies the type for encoding the data transfer.

Data transfer of control information

When sending a form, all controls available in LibreOffice are taken into consideration. The name of the control and the corresponding value, if available, are transmitted.

Which values are transmitted in each case depends on the respective control. For text fields, the visible entries are transmitted; for list boxes, the selected entries are transmitted; for check boxes and option fields, the associated reference values are transmitted if these fields were activated.

How this information is transmitted depends on the selected transfer method (Get or Post) and the coding (URL or Multipart). If the Get method and URL encoding are selected, for example, value pairs in the form <Name>=<Value> are sent.

In addition to the controls that are recognized in HTML, LibreOffice offers other controls. It should be noted that, for fields with a specific numerical format, the visible values are not transmitted but rather fixed default formats. The following table shows how the data of the LibreOffice-specific controls is transmitted:

Ovládací prvok

Value Pair

Numeric field, currency field

A decimal separator is always displayed as a period.

Dátumové pole

The date format is sent in a fixed format (MM-DD-YYYY), regardless of the user's local settings.

Časové pole

The time format is sent in a fixed format (HH:MM:SS), regardless of the user's local settings.

Pole vzorky

The values of pattern fields are sent as text fields, that is, the value visible in the form is sent.

Ovládací­ prvok tabuľky

From the table control, the individual columns are always transmitted. The name of the control, the name of the column, and the value of the column are sent. Using the Get method with URL encoding, the transmission is done in the form <Name of the table control>.<Name of the column>=<Value>, for example, with the value being dependent on the column.