Set the properties of a hatching pattern, or save and load hatching lists.

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Choose Format - Area - Hatching tab


Define or modify a hatching pattern.


Enter the amount of space that you want to have between the hatch lines.


Enter the rotation angle for the hatch lines, or click a position in the angle grid.

Typ čiary

Select the type of hatch lines that you want to use.

Farba čiary

Select the color of the hatch lines.

Hatches List

Lists the available hatching patterns. You can also modify or create your own hatching pattern.


Adds a custom hatching pattern to the current list. Specify the properties of your hatching pattern, and then click this button.


Applies the current hatching properties to the selected hatching pattern. If you want, you can save the pattern under a different name.


Deletes the selected element or elements after confirmation.

Náhľad poľa

Displays a preview of the current selection.