Hajajo surkate, muccisate, borrote bortaje giddonni shae hunate leellishanno.

Insert Table

Haaro shae surki



Caccafoota surkanno

Haawiittaamma xuruurra

Haawiittaamma xuruurra surkanno.



Deletes the current table.


Doorantino caccafoota hunanno.

Haawiittaamma xuruurra

Doorantinota haawiittaamma xuruurra hunanno.



Xaa shae dooranno.


Xaa caccafo dooranno.

Haawiittaamma xuruura

Xaaha haawiittaamo xuruura dooranno.


Selects the current cell.

Bisiccota Makisi

Combines the contents of the selected table cells into a single cell.

Bisiccoota Faci

Splits the cell or group of cells horizontally or vertically into the number of cells that you enter.

Shae Makisa

Combines two consecutive tables into a single table. The tables must be directly next to each other and not separated by an empty paragraph.

Shae Faci

Xaaha woy muli kawi shae wirsu ofollowa lamewa facce lame shae ikkanno assi. Qolteno tenne hajajo shaete bisicco giddo qiniiteenni qiphisatenni assa dandaatto.

Shae Umikkinnisuudeessi

Automatically applies formats to the current table, including fonts, shading, and borders.

Umikkinni qixxi yii

Caccafote Baqo

Caccafote baqo soorrate dandaattowa Caccafote baqo hasaawa fananno.

Co'itte Caccafote Baqo

Caccafote hornyo bisiccote amado ledo fiixoonsate bayichonko injeesssi.Caccafote baqo soorra shaete giddo noo wole caccafo baqo digawajjitanno. Shaete borrote qooli baqonni diroortanno.

Caccafoota taashshite tuqisi

Adjusts the width of the selected columns to match the width of the widest column in the selection. The total width of the table cannot exceed the width of the page.

Haawiittaamu xuruuri Hojja

Haawiittaamu xuruuri hojja soorrate dandaattowa haawiittaamu xuruuri hojja hasaawa fananno.

Co'itte Haawiittaamu xuruuri Hojja

Wororritete xuruurra hojja bayichonko qineessite bisiccote amado ledo sumuu yitanno gede assi Tini haaro shaera rosantino qineessate doogooti.

Haawiittaamu xuruuri Hojja taashshite tuqisi

Adjusts the height of the selected rows to match the height of the tallest row in the selection.

Break Across Pages

Allows a page break within the current row.

Repeat Heading Rows

Repeats the table headers on subsequent pages if the table spans one or more pages.


Borrotenni Shaenniwa

Fananno hasaawa doorantino borro shaete widira soorrate dandaattowa.

Shatenni Borrote widira

Fananno hasaawa xaa shae borrote widira soorrate dandaattowa.


Doorantino borgufo woy shaete haawiittimma fidallate offollo garinni woy kiirote ofollo garinni diri. Sase dirate ikkitanno qulfe geeshsha xawisa dandaatto qolteno fidalaante woy kiirote dirrann qulfoota xaadisa dandaatto.


Afirimalu gaxa afirimala eessate woy muccisate fananno.

Kiirote Suudishsha

Opens a dialog where you can specify the format of numbers in the table.

Shaete Akatta

Doorantino shae akata badi,lawishshu gede, su’ma, diramme, foonqe, caccafote baqo,qaccenna, badhiido.