Use the Styles deck of the Sidebar to apply, create, edit, and remove formatting styles. Double-click an entry to apply the style.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose View - Styles

Fani Suudame Gaxa, qiphisi



To dock the Styles window, drag its title bar to the left or to the right side of the workspace. To undock the window, double-click a free space on its toolbar.

By default, the Styles deck displays a preview of the available styles. The previews can be disabled in the Expert configuration by setting the property /org.openoffice.Office.Common/StylesAndFormatting Preview to false.

Akatta hiitto assite loosiisatto:

  1. Borro doori. Fikiimate akata mittu qaali gede asse loosiisate, qaalu aana qiphisi.Borgufote akatinni losiisate kayinni, borgufote aana qiphisi.

  2. Double-click the style in the Styles window.

Tugote Bido

Uduunne - Woyeessa - Kiiborde yaanno akatira giggishshote qqooli aana Muraasu yaannoha gaama dandaatto.

The Styles toolbar contains icons for formatting your documents:

Akati fuula


Borgufote Akatta

Borgufote suudisamme akatta leellinshancho. Mittodanaati yaanno gede assate borgufote akatta horoonsiri , borrangicho, aantete kiiro aanna,offolla labbannore bortajete borgufora suudisate.


Fikiimu akatta

Fikiimate suudisammete akatta leellinshancho. Borgufote giddo doorantino borrora borrangichoakata losiisate fikiima akata horoonsiri.


Xiyyote Akatta

Xiyyote suudinsamme akatta leellinshanno. xiyyo suudisate ofollaranna bayichira xiyyote akata horoonsiri.


Qoolu Akatta

Qoolu suudisamme akata leellinshanno. borrote qoola amadate qoolu akata horoonsiidhe, qoolu umaaallonna lekkallinni ledo horoonsiri.


Dirtote Akatta

Suudisammete Akatta kiiro uyinoonninna bixxillinsoonni dirto leellishanno. Suudisate kiirotenna bixxillete fikiimaho qoleno badate dirtote akata horoonsiri.


Fill Format Mode

Applies the selected style to the object or text that you select in the document. Click this icon, and then drag a selection in the document to apply the style. To exit this mode, click the icon again, or press Esc.


Haaro Akata Doorshu giddoonni

Cinaancho mayino roore hajajo ledo fani.

Haaro akata doorshu giddonn

Xa fanootto borgufo,borro leeltanno qoola woy doorshakki kaima assidhe,haaro akata kalaqi.

Yanneessinanni akata

The manually formatted attributes of the text at the cursor position in the document will be added to the style that is selected in the Styles window.

Hogowate Akata

Wole bortajenni abbate akatira hogowate akati hasaawa fani .

Tugote Bido

Akatunnita roore mashalaqqe.

Loosu aana hossino akatta

Assigns a style to the current paragraph, selected paragraphs, or to a selected object.