Qoolu Akata

Xaa qooli akatiha suudisate akata badi qolteno ofoollose gara badi, qoolu qacceno leddde, umaallonna lekkaallo, aantete qoolu badhiido.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

sudisate - Qoola doori

Choose View - Styles - open context menu New/Modify (for Page Styles)


Set the options for the selected style.


Allows you to define page layouts for single and multiple-page documents, as well as a numbering and paper formats.


Set the background color or graphic.


Adds a header to the current page style. A header is an area in the top page margin, where you can add text or graphics.


Adds a footer to the current page style. A footer is an area in the bottom page margin, where you can add text or graphics.


Sets the border options for the selected objects in Writer or Calc.


Specifies the number of columns and the column layout for a page style, frame, or section.


Specifies the layout options for footnotes, including the line that separates the footnote from the main body of document.

Asiyaanete afii irko

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Language Settings - Languages.

Borrote Karraama

Xaa qooli akatira borrote karraama ledi. Kuni doorshi afama dandaannohu Eesiyu afii irko Afuu qinaawo - Afoo dandeessamannohu hunda ikke doorshu hasaawi saaxine giddooti.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.