Muccisate kifilla

Changes the properties of sections defined in your document. To insert a section, select text or click in your document, and then choose Insert - Section.

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Suudisi - Kifilla doori

Muccisate kifile hasaawi Surki- kifile yaanno hasaawi ledo mitto ikke, qoleno konni woroonni nooha ledote doorsha aanno:


Type the name of the section that you want to edit, or click a name in the Section list. If the cursor is currently in a section, the section name is displayed on the right side of the status bar at the bottom of the document window.

Kifilennihu Xa borreessa gargarate deerra dirtote giddo noo kifile su’mira albaanni hige noo Looke malaatinni leellinshanni. Fanancho looke gargariweelo ikkitanna cufancho looke kayinni gargaraanchote.Hattonni leellado kifilla leellinshannihu hincilaallote malaatinniiti.


Opens the Options dialog, where you can edit the column layout, background, footnote and endnote behavior of the selected section. If the section is password protected, you must enter the password first.


Removes the selected section from the document, and inserts the contents of the section into the document.