Isipiriidishituwate attamaanchu qineessubba gumulanno.

- LibreOffice Calc - attami baala isipiriidishittera qineessubba tiranno. Xaa bortajera calla qineessubba tirate, Fayile - Attamidoori, aanchite Doorubbate ilka kisi.

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Choose - LibreOffice Calc - Print.


Mullicho qoollara wolqate guma

Specifies that empty pages that have no cell contents or draw objects are not printed. Cell attributes such as borders or background colors are not considered cell contents. Empty pages are not counted for page numbering.


Doorantino shittuwa calla attami

Specifies that only contents from selected sheets are printed, even if you specify a wider range in the File - Print dialog or in the Format - Print Ranges dialog. Contents from sheets that are not selected will not be printed.

Tugote Bido

Batinye shituwa doorate, Ctri xiiwanta keeshshita geeshshaloosu darga lekkalli gato qacce aana shittete su'uwi aana kisi.