Meemoote doyisaancho horoonsira

Bulaanchunni batinye meemoote ikkitubba amadisiisate OR, meemoote gaxi aana memoote doyishshi bido kisi. Memoote doyisaachi hullo shiqqanno.

Meemoote ikkitubba Memoote doyisaachigiddo leellinohu qiniino. Meemo qiniitu gedeenni, Memoote doyisaancho lekkaalloonni fano meemoo eo la"atto. Tenne eo "Or" qaalekisatenni doora dandaatto. Mitteegge fano meemoo eo doortoro, formete giddo ledote meemoo ikkitubba ea dandaatto. Kuriu ikkitubba Bulaanchunni OR albaanni tirantino ikkitubbanni xaaddanno.

Eigaru mayino Memoote doyisaachigiddo mitte mittente eora woshshama dandiitanno. Meemoote ikkitubba konni dargi giddo suwashshu garinni borrote gede muccisa dandaatto. Bare amado afidhinota woy hoogginota buuxate hasirittoro, meemoote ikkitubba "mullicho" (SQL:"Ona") woy "dimulla" (SQL: "Diona")doora dandaatto. Eigaru mayino horoonsiratenni eo hunate dandiinanni.

Goshooshatenni nna woratenni meemoote ikkitubba Memoote doyisaachi giddo harisa dandaatto, woy +Alt+Ali Worbicho woy +Alt+Woro Arrow qulfubba horoonsiri. Meemoote ikkitubba galchate, qulfe woroogisse amadatenni goshooshi.

While designing your form, you can set the "Filter proposal" property for each text box in the Data tab of the corresponding Properties dialog. In subsequent searches in the filter mode, you can select from all information contained in these fields. The field content can then be selected using the AutoComplete function. Note, however, that this function requires a greater amount of memory space and time, especially when used in large databases and should therefore be used sparingly.

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