On the Mail page in the Hyperlink dialog you can edit hyperlinks for e-mail addresses.

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Assigns the specified e-mail address to the hyperlink. Clicking the new hyperlink in the document will open a new message document, addressed to the receiver specified in the Recipient field.

Daatu bu'a

Hides or shows the data source browser. Drag the receiver's E-mail data field from the data source browser into the Recipient text field.


Specifies the subject that is inserted in the subject line of the new message document.

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Xaaddino fayle giddose fa'nantara hasi'ratto xiyyo su'maeessanno, woy albaanni xawisantino xiyyo dirtote giddo dooranno. Tenne saaxine mullicho agurittoro, xaadisantino fayle xaa soroowaancho xullaallofantanno.


Specifies whether the hyperlink is inserted as text or as a button.


Opens the Assign Macro dialog, in which you can give events such as "mouse over object" or "trigger hyperlink" their own program codes.


Specifies the visible text or button caption for the hyperlink.


Qooli xaadisaanchoho su'ma eessanno. $[beerotesu'ma]Qoollixaadisaanchu giddo NAME badaancho eessanno.