Align Vertical Center

Vertically centers the selected objects. If only one object is selected in Draw or Impress, the center of the object is aligned to the vertical center of the page.

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Doori Suudame - Dirto - Mereersi (LibreOffice Borreessaancho, LibreOffice Calc)

Doori Soori - Dirto - Mereersi (dooraminoricho) (LibreOffice Draw)

Eigaru mayino fani - doori Dirto - Mereersi (dooraminoricho) (LibreOffice Kakayiisi, LibreOffice Misile)

Aana Diri uduunugaxa (LibreOffice Kakayiisi, LibreOffice Misilenna), qiphisi



To align the individual objects in a group, to enter the group, select the objects, right-click, and then choose an alignment option.