Saves the current document with a different name and format to a location that you specify.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Doori Fayiile - Soyi

The following sections describe the LibreOffice Export dialog box. To activate the LibreOffice Open and Save dialog boxes, choose - LibreOffice - General, and then select the Use LibreOffice dialogs in the Open/Save dialogs area.

Alira mitto deerra

Move up one folder in the folder hierarchy. Long-click to see the higher level folders.


Mitto deera goti assi

Create New Directory

Creates a new folder.


Create New Folder

Places area

Displays "favourite" places, i.e. shortcuts to local or remote locations.

Qarqara leellishi

Displays the files and folders in the folder that you are in.

Fayilete su'ma

Enter a file name or a path for the file. You can also enter a URL

Fayilete dana

Select the file format for the document that you are saving. In the display area, only the documents with this file type are displayed. File types are described in Information on Import and Export Filters.


Saves the file.