Shittete su'ma soorranni

Setting sheet names is an important feature to produce readable and understandable spreadsheets documents. To rename a sheet in your document:

  1. Click on the sheet tab to select it.

  2. Open the context menu of the sheet tab and choose the Rename Sheet command. A dialog box appears where you can enter a new name.

  3. Shittete haaro su'ma eessite Ee qiphisi.

  4. Wole doogonni, xiibbe amadde haaro shitte su'mi aana qiphisse haaro su'ma eessi.

    Konni loosi leelo X Xulaalo Gashaanchiki irkoniiti.

Sheet names can contain almost any character. Some naming restrictions apply, the following characters are not allowed in sheet names:

Tugote Bido

In cell references, a sheet name must be enclosed in single quotes ' when the name contains other characters than alphanumeric or underscore. A single quote contained within a name has to be escaped by doubling it (two single quotes).

For example, you want to reference the cell A1 on a sheet with the following name:

Kunni diri shitte

Maqishshu tircho maqishshu malaatinni giddo qoqqowama hasiisannosi, mittu tircho maqishshu malaati su'mu giddo lameege borreessama hasissanosi:

'Kunni diri shitte'.A1

Tugote Bido

The name of a sheet is independent of the name of the spreadsheet. You enter the spreadsheet name when you save it for the first time as a file.

Qaagishshu Bido

The document can contain up to 10,000 individual sheets, which must have different names.

You can set a prefix for the names of new sheets you create. See this page of Calc options.