Templates and Styles

A template is a document that contains specific formatting styles, graphics, tables, objects, and other information. A template is used as the basis for creating other documents. For example, you can define paragraph and character styles in a document, save the document as a template, and then use the template to create a new document with the same styles.

Unless you specify otherwise, every new LibreOffice text document is based on the default template.

LibreOffice has a number of predefined templates that you can use to create different types or text documents, such as business letters.

අලංකාරයන් වෙනත් ලෙඛනයකින් හෝ අච්චුවකින් භාවිතා කිරීම

දැනට ඇති පිටුව මත පදනම්ව පිටු මෝස්තරයක් නිර්මාණය කිරීම

Applying Styles in Fill Format Mode

Creating New Styles From Selections

Changing the Default Template